14/365 – ” What do you lose by trying? “

14/365 – ” What do you lose by trying? ”

Yesterday, I offered to teach a couple of friends how to breathe fire.

Most accepted, but some declined.

Firebreathing is surprisingly easy. It only takes a little practice, and the danger is minimal if you follow simple safety procedures. The results are awe-inspiring, and the experience of having a controlled explosion a couple of inches away from your face is surreal.

So why did people decline? Embarrassment.

Breathing fire means learning to spit correctly without drooling all over yourself. It looks goofy and feels awkward when you first try. Similarly, learning in public and failing to whip out a fireball in front of a small crowd is frustrating.

But here’s the thing: Nobody cares more about your failures than you. If there’s nothing to lose, defaulting to Yes is a good strategy.


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