107/365 – ” Is rest the solution to your problems? “

107/365 – ” Is rest the solution to your problems? ”

So far, I’ve managed to keep up with my daily thoughts despite the three weeks of 12-14 hour build days with no weekends.

But today, at 1 AM, as I stare at this blank page trying to finish up my self-imposed homework so that I catch up on some much-needed rest before another early morning – I feel like I’ve finally hit a brick wall.

No fun stories, exciting realizations, or provocative insights – just an exhausted brain and some homework to finish.

Today’s thought, a bit of a cop-out: Yes, I need more rest.


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Claude Schryer
11 months ago

Not a cop-out at all but rather an important presence at cop-15, Greenpeace, etc but yes do listen to your body and stay in balance…

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