105/365 – ” Are you cutting corners? “

105/365 – ” Are you cutting corners? ”

Today we hit a little bit of a brick wall.

We realized that even with an optimized workflow and the perfect number of volunteers, we would need more time to complete our installation.

The technique we had chosen – to cover our foam carvings with a two-part epoxy – would create a nearly indestructible lightweight installation but required too much detailing to pull off the look we wanted.

The only way for us to hit our deadline was to remove that process and paint directly on the foam. The result would be something slightly less durable and resistant.

On the one hand – removing epoxy felt like we were cutting corners – but on the other, our initial strategy was over-engineered for the budget, timeline, and deployment anyways.

Sometimes we get carried away by what’s possible and confuse it with what’s necessary. Reality though, will always be there to put us back in our place.


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