103/365 – ” Where does your luck come from? “

103/365 – ” Where does your luck come from? ”

A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling pretty down.

Funding for an installation I hoped to bring to life for the Biodiversity and Wildlife conference hosted by the United Nations had fallen through. With it, access to the event also disappeared.

Rather than give up, I decided to simplify the concept, use leftover materials from a previous art installation to save costs, and self-fund the build to will it into existence.

In parallel, I sent over 50 emails to every friend, acquaintance, and organization I could think of that might get me access, at or close to the venue.

Fast forward a few weeks – I managed to get permission to build the installation at the event in the heart of the city and get some partial funding to offset my costs.

It seems like my luck comes from being obtuse and stubborn. I suck at taking hints from the universe and doggedly push forward, just in case it works. What about you?


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