100/365 – ” How good does it have to be? “

100/365 – ” How good does it have to be? ”

Unlike an engineering project, art has very few standards and specs to meet other than the obvious: Is it interesting? Is it safe? Is it appropriate?

This makes it particularly hard to know when to stop tweaking, refining, and perfecting – especially when a project has multiple phases.

One rule I like to use, especially since I delve into fantasy and surrealism, is the: “Does it look wrong” framework.

Since most people don’t know what “right” looks like when it doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world, as long as it doesn’t look or feel wrong – then it’s good enough.

Of course, if there’s still time and resources remaining – we can make it go from a passive “not-wrong” to a more inspiring “awe-inspiring” – but not-wrong is always a good foundation.


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